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Project 1.
Classrooms for Children of BEGUELI(CHAD)

Quality education is one of our aims, we would like to give opportunities to childreen to get educational foundation to start of their life on the right foot and to live a better life. The growing demand for education and school facilities means that less and less children are able to get access to education. There simply aren’t enough schools to accommodate the demand. In many parts of the world, existing school buildings are in need of much restoration. In some areas, there are no schools.











In the Southern part of Chad, 80km from Doba (Logone Oriental's capital), lies the community of Begueli, It is on of the 3 villages that formed the village of Bake. Bake does does have a primary school, However, schoolers from Begueli have to walk almost 10 miles to attend the school, which has nearly 400 students crammed into 6 classrooms! The school-aged student population numbers are high: this is a very heavily populated area, so literally hundreds more would like to come, but there is no room for them. Also, the walking distance to school make it difficult for kids from Begueli to attend classrooms. 

The proposed school will be located in Begueli. Students would go to the school that is located closest to their homes, so they won’t have to walk long miles and cross dangerous road. The proposed school would have three classrooms, with 2 latrines: 1 for girls and 1 for boys. The land has already been cleared (see photo). We are hoping to start construction as soon as possible.

World HOPE Spreaders will take primary responsibility for the construction, with the little that we have. The current plan for the project is to present a short “menu” of option to the school committee, such as: a small, stocked library space, support for teacher housing, etc. We welcome your support for this innovative partnership: donations may be sent to 13703 Summit commons Blvd, Apt P, Charlotte 28277 NC or click DONATE to donate online.

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