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"Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life''


With the help of our partners, we develop, adapt, and scale up solutions to accelerate progress toward health equity"

1. Mobile Health Clinic

We Organize our Work Around these Key Areas

1. Mobile Health Clinic








We look for ways to providing medical assistant for families in underserved communities by visiting local maternity clinics to help new mothers that are stranded in maternity clinics because they could not pay their bills after delivery, some were even let go without removing surgery stitches.

We need your support to visit maternity clinics and help families

In rural communities, there is an increase in chronic and infectious diseases. Our mobile clinic program wants to be more responsive; the restriction is limited. The mobile clinic supplements the medical clinic in areas where a medical clinic is not possible. It is an excellent support for public health, clinical care, and it will becomes handy in responding to emergencies.

The program will helps address the enormous health care challenges in rural communities by increasing our medical response time to rural communities. The mobile clinic program is our effort to improve healthcare penetration, a unique holistic approach to providing health care, delivering comprehensive primary care, and preventive care through education and advocacy.

We want to enhance healthcare delivery and quality of life in rural communities.

2. Clinic Visits

3. Training.









Our ability to improve access to care and achieve universal health coverage will only depends on the availability and quality of the health workforce. Yet it’s estimated only half of all countries around the world have the number of doctors, nurses, and community health workers needed to deliver quality health services.

As the world’s population rises, a growing shortage of health professionals threatens to undermine gains in global health.

Training health care workers must be at the heart of our mission at World.HOPE.Spreaders, we train local health care workers to save lives across the globe — from the front lines of disaster and crisis to delivery rooms and remote villages.










We invite you to join us in our mission to deliver compassionate healthcare to the most needy in the developing world.  The call to give unto the least of these is an invitation to become a World.HOPE.Spreader. Our missions would like to be led by skilled, compassionate medical and non medical professional from all over the country that not only donate funds to help cover the mission expenses but also their time and expertise.

Please visit our HOPE worldwide Healthcare Professionals landing page and sign up to become informed, invited and inspired with all the work being done around the world with World HOPE Spreaders. We will be creating a fellowship of healthcare professionals and sending periodic communications regarding projects and opportunities to be engaged.  We look forward to having you join on

4. Health Care Mission

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