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Building classrooms in rural ereas for children education 

We understands the growing demand for schools is greater than it’s ever been. Many countries are struggling with an increasing demand for affordable and practical school buildings and facilities to send their children. The need is great for school buildings that will serve the purpose to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Today, to have an opportunity to send a child to a local school is a luxury. Therefore, building a school in a local town or village means hope for a brighter future for students and teachers alike. More importantly, an opportunity to learn means a better and brighter future for the community as a whole. World.Hope.Spreaders wants to partner together with ordinary people who love to share to build extraordinary schools for children of all ages. 

Quality education is one of our aims, we would like to give opportunities to childreen to get educational foundation to start of their life on the right foot and to live a better life. The growing demand for education and school facilities means that less and less children are able to get access to education. 

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