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"World.HOPE.Spreaders mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence. We advocate social change that protects and engenders a person's right to live a life free of abuse"


We would like to make Justice available to everyone, not just the wealthy.  Together we can end injustices like gender discrimination, domestic violence, child abuse... 

We are here to let you know you are absolutely not alone and we will work with you on an individual basis to create a plan that meets your specific needs.

We realize that each violence survivor is unique, which is why we are focused on providing a wide range of programs and services that enable each person to find safety and start the recovery process.

1. Therapy


Recognizing the strong relationship between domestic violence and mental health, World.HOPE.Spreaders offers comprehensive therapeutic services at no cost. Clinical services are geared toward assisting survivors in healing from the trauma of violence, regaining a sense of empowerment and recovering a sense of self. Therapeutic interventions represent an important aspect of the holistic services the agency provides to break the abuse cycle.



World.HOPE.Spreders working with local law enforcement, therapists, and hospitals worldwide, is able to provide a variety of programs to survivors of all ages on their journey to safety and normalcy. We recognize that survivors escaping anykind of violence face new and unfamiliar situations and having access to the right people at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Below is an in-depth look at our outreach programs.

Our Outrich Programs

  • Legal


This fully operational program ensures that survivors of domestic violence have equal access to justice in the civil legal system and an affordable, competent attorney who is well versed in the complex issues of domestic violence by providing representation in civil legal matters arising from domestic violence. Specifically, this includes protective order hearings, civil proceedings related to paternity, protective custody, child support, child custody, divorce, legal separation and change of name petitions.

Let's make Justice available to everyone, not just the wealthy.  Together we can end injustices like gender discrimination,

  • Children's Advocacy


World.HOPE.Spreaders protect children from violence, we provides a comprehensive  wechildren’s program that offers services for at-risk children and youths from violent homes. When emergency hits we are here to save lives and providing protection. We work with local commities and government to end chil marriage worldwide. Our goal is to provide provide children with the opportunity to be children to laugh and play without worrying about their safety a crucial element in the healing process for children who have been exposed to domestic violence.

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