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Update from September 2022!!!

Updated: May 26, 2023

School supplies donation for school children of Begueli-Bake(Chad)

2 out of 3 school children in Africa lack of needed school supplies to support their learning. In sub-saharian Africa, millions of school children do not have access to textbooks and necessary supplies to help their growth... One of World HOPE Spreaders mission is to help providing much as possible to these kids educational (Books, Classrooms etc..) support, it helps increase literacy score by 10 to 30%. Without the necessary school supplies, bright young minds lack of quality education. We are striving to extend our support and will start a project of three classroom in this Village (Begueli) to help improve education and give a H O P E of brighter future to these kids. With this project we aim to save about 1000 children from hazardous labour, and enable them to enroll in school. By Giving to World HOPE Spreader your support, we would together help these children to have a better school environment and a better LIFE.

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