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The mission of H O P E

We are dedicated to help most vulnerable to overcome the conditions in which they are living on daily bases and experience fullness of life. We are spreading hope in communities of all backgrounds in the whole world ! Together we would give hope to generations, and empower youth for better tomorrow through education, and raising awareness on environmental crises.


Let's Spread HOPE around us...

Misty Football Field

We strive everyday to bring a light of H O P E in people's life and for a better future

Giving to World H O P E Spreaders, 80% of every dollar goes straight to our mission to provide life-improvement to communities. 

  • $50.00 can provide enough food to keep 5-25 children from going hungry for a month

  • $150.00 can give shelter, blankets to 20-200 people affected by conflict or natural desaster

  • $250.00 can provide mosquitos net to save 100-1000 lives against the deadly malaria.


With your support, we can continue our work to bring HOPE around the world through education, Health and safe environment.

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